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The other day, I went to a laboratory to get some blood drawn for my annual check up.  As I was coming out of the bathroom, a creepy old man was standing out there, waiting in line.  He smiled at me and said “Next!” and I said “Yup, it’s all yours!”  As I passed him, he says to me in a breathy, old man voice “Would you mind pulling this down for me?”  I froze up and didn’t even wanna LOOK at him, so I kept walking.  He goes “No? Ok then.” and went into the bathroom.

EWWW.  I don’t even wanna know what he was asking me to pull.  I mean, even if it was just the zipper on his jacket, I wouldn’t wanna touch him.  Sick!

Creepy old men are so disgusting.

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  1. Denise Yezbak Moore Says:

    LMAO – You should of totally taken him up on his offer!

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