George Lopez knows what’s up.

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So, thanks to a really generous family in my class, hubby and I were given a great Christmas present – primo seats to see George Lopez Live in L.A. at the Nokia Theater.


“Out of respect for the Entire Audience, Heckling will NOT be tolerated – Hecklers will be removed from the show without refund.  No recording devices! No photography!  No Cell Phone Use During Performance!  ‘Sabes Que?…We’ll Throw Your Ass Out!”

Hee Hee.

That guy is so funny and he definitely didn’t disappoint!  However, aside from all his comedy and great stories, there was one thing that he said that really stuck with me.  He was talking about how Latina women (but I think this pertains to lots of women in general) will act one way while they are dating someone, and then when they get married, everything changes and they expect their husband to change too.  He went on to say that both women and men should accept their spouse for who they are.  Like, if while you were dating you knew that they liked watching football every Sunday, don’t assume that that behavior is going to change after you get married.  Basically, if that was an aspect of their behavior that bugged you and that you didn’t think you could live with, then why did you get married in the first place?

This has had me thinking a lot ever since that show on December 27th, 2010.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my life, about the people in it, and about myself and the role I play in their lives.  Am I benefiting them in any way?  What do they get out of knowing me?  What am I doing to try to improve their lives – and on the flip side, what am I doing that takes away from their happiness?  I realize that I sound like I am babbling, but I have been asking myself these questions a lot.

The first people I thought about were my parents.  I had rocky teen years, and I do attribute a lot of it to the drama they were dealing with that I in turn ended up dealing with (I won’t go any further than that, but it was pretty bad).  For a long time, I blamed them for the things I did, and then sometime in my 20’s I had an epiphany – the decisions I made were my own choice.  I know that’s a “duh” statement, but I truly realized that I was responsible for my own actions.  I knew the difference between right and wrong.  I knew that I shouldn’t have done certain things.  And yet, I did them anyway.  I know exactly when that moment happened too.  It was a friday night, I was 20, and I wanted to party.  My friends were waiting for me to meet up with them so I got ready and I was about to head out the door when my dad stopped me.  He was in a bad mood and we had been arguing here and there over the last few weeks (wasn’t anything new, at that point in time).  He asked where I was going and I said “Out.”  He asked what time I would be back, I said “Dunno”.  He told me to be back home by 10 (it was 8:30, was he for real?!) and I walked out.  Thinking about it now makes me cringe, but I was so over being in that house, being in between the shitty drama between him and my mom that I just left and didn’t care.  I drove off and blasted my music and pushed my guilt to the back of my mind.

I didn’t get home until Sunday morning at 7am.

I spent all weekend partying with my friends, crashing at my friend’s house, and basically not giving a shit about life.  Mind you, though, I wasn’t partying as in drugs and drinking – I honestly was just out, hanging with friends, going to raves, and dancing.  I didn’t want to go home and face the drama.  But, the weekends don’t last forever, so I eventually went home.  When I drove up, I didn’t expect that anyone would be awake and I figured I would just sneak in through my back window.  Lo and behold, though, my dad was stringing up Christmas lights – at 7:00 AM.  Actually, he probably started a lot earlier because half of the house was done by the time I arrived.  Anyway, he saw me pull up so it’s not like I could hide anymore.  I parked my car, got out, and braced myself for a yelling that was well deserved.

A yelling that never came.

My dad turned around, looked straight at me, and said “Hi Ange.  You’re just getting home?”  There was no anger in his voice…only a trace of sadness.  I said “Yeah, I…” and then he cut me off and said “Why don’t you go inside and get some rest.  I made breakfast if you want to eat first.”

Did you know that “Stupid Jackass” is my middle name?  Well now you know how I got it.

That was when I stopped trying to punish my parents with all my bad decisions.  Yes, they went through some messed up stuff that I was caught right in the middle of, but the things I was doing had nothing to do with them, I see that now.  I  stopped being so moronic after that.  We still had drama here and there, of course, but what family doesn’t?

Anyway, I’ve been reflecting over the past year and there has been a lot going on in our family.  I don’t want to get into it on such a public forum, but it has caused me to take a look at myself and question whether I am being the kind of person that my parents and family need me to be.  I don’t think I am close, but I am trying…

That brings me to another significant person in my life – the hubbs.  When I heard George Lopez say what he said about not trying to change your spouse, I felt my cheeks get hot because I immediately felt guilty.  When I was dating my husband, I knew he loved video games and basketball.  It was a way for him to relax from the stress of the day and he is pretty damn good at these games, too.  I like video games too – as long as they’re cute with catchy tunes and easy to play.  I’m not good at playing basketball, but I’d rather watch that than football.  The games he plays – both video games and basketball – are so involved and so drawn out that the thought of it drives me INSANE.  I was so deep in love with him though, that I did not care if he played either.

And then we got married.  And I got scared when he bought an xbox.  And a flat screen tv to watch the Celtics.

Oh.Em.Gee.  I sure gave my hubbs HELL for how much and how often he played video games.  Now, while I don’t mind it so much now, I do have to say that it was pretty bad before – as in, I’d go to sleep at 10 pm and when I’d wake up at 6 or 7, he’d still be playing.  I would be so upset because even though he wasn’t thinking it, I started to wonder to myself what was wrong with me?  How come he didn’t want to go to bed at the same time as me?  I’d tell him this stuff, and he would get mad at me because he didn’t understand where I was coming from and I guess I didn’t understand where he was coming from.  I just wanted to spend time with my new husband, talk about our day, and know that he was in bed getting a good night’s rest.  Seeing him play video games for so long and at night when he should be asleep with me really made me blame myself and wonder  why he was already so bored of being married.  I mean, c’mon, right?  He was BORED!  When I’d wake up, ready to face the day and go out and do stuff, he’d be ready to go to sleep and then I was alone all day instead of enjoying our newlywed bliss.  I got really depressed and guess what?  He didn’t change his routine.  When he would notice I was upset, he would stop playing for a little bit and then spend time with me, but by then I was so pissed off and used to being ignored that I would hop on my computer and hit up MySpace (back when it was awesome LOL) and he would be pissed that I was ignoring him and he’d go back to playing his games.  It was a vicious cycle.  One that we both, thank God, grew out of.

Now, I see lots of girls complain all the time about being invisible when it comes time for the boyfriends to watch sports or play video games.  I laugh because I can relate to that feeling and to the irritation of not being paid attention to.  But not anymore.  I don’t mind it so much.  Hubby’s love of video games isn’t just a hobby for him – it also holds a direct correlation to his career as a Web Developer.  If he did not know as much as he does about video games, the way they’re developed, the right way to appeal to a certain market, the right way to get ratings up, etc., then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the wonderful life that I enjoy.  And by that, I mean thanks to his knowledge and his already God-given talent for being extremely intelligent, he has steadily climbed up the corporate ladder and involved himself with so many reputable people in this industry that I only see his career skyrocketing even further.  And because he is such a go-getter, the jobs he has held over the course of our courtship and marriage have afforded us a comfortable life – we have a place to live, we have the money to be able to go out to eat and travel when we want to (not as often as we’d like, but that we could if we wanted to is a nice feeling…), and most of all – I have a happy husband.  While a lot of wives may wonder where their husband is when he hangs out with the boys, I take comfort in knowing that he’d rather just kick it at home, watching Law and Order SVU episodes with me or playing his video games – or even watching the Boston Celtics game (I’m an avid fan now, thanks to him).   And when he is out with friends?  I don’t worry.  I’ve known him and loved him long enough not to let my previous insecurities with guys phase me anymore.  If he says they’re out playing paintball, I can expect him to bring home paint splattered pants to wash.  If he says they’re out having dinner together at Hooter’s, I can expect him to call me halfway through their dinner to ask me if I want him to bring me home anything from the restaurant.  When he has to travel for work, I know he’s not sneaking off to meet some secret mistress on the side – especially since he stays connected to me the entire time through instant messenger (ahh the wonders of technology – if he had a secret girl on the side, would she really be okay with him messaging back and forth with me the entire time?  doubt it.).

Look, the fact is, I gotta give it up to George Lopez for making a big impact on my life.  He gave me a lot to think about coming into this new year.  I’m also a firm believer that you get what you give out – so, be kind and kindness will be returned to you.  I’m trying to add that into my life right now and so far it is working.

2011 is looking mighty fine so far.

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Tap, tap, tap – Hello? Is this thing on?

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When I first got this blog, I blogged almost every day – sometimes even a few times a day!  Then it became a few times a week, a few times a month, and then it was once every month.  Then…I was lucky if I even logged on to this site to do anything with it.  Such is life, I guess.

My last post was April 15th, 2010 – 15 days after I turned 30.  I was determined to stay the course and start writing again, but that idea went out the door quickly!

Anyway, one of my new year’s resolutions (I try not to keep ’em because I end up feeling bad about not keeping them) was to start writing again.  I’m not going to make myself feel like I need to post everyday though, which is what I was doing before (my ranking in google was high and I had a ton of followers from all over the world and I couldn’t let them down! haha! 😉 ), I’m just going to post when I feel like it.  I used to add a lot of html with pictures and such to my posts too, but sometimes that takes too long, so you may not be seeing any of that, either.

I don’t promise that all my grammar and spelling will be correct (although, that type of thing drives me nuts so you won’t see that too often, i hope!), I won’t always capitalize letters or words that need to be (unless it is automatically done for me),  and I won’t always use appropriate words – although that is one of my goals, to get the sailor talk down to a minimum!

I’m not sure how many of you are still along for the ride, but if you are….hiiiiiiiiii!!  Happy new year!!

Cheers to more mindless babbling by yours truly,

According to Angela :)

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How NOT to catch an STD at Walmart

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Wherever I go, people stop and talk to me.  Actually, let me be more specific: wherever I go, OLD people stop and talk to me. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, the elderly feel compelled to strike up a conversation about anything and everything and I guess they think I am interested enough to stop and listen.

To be honest, I don’t usually mind. I just wonder what it is that makes them want to talk to me? Someone once told me that people stop to talk to me because I “always have a dumbass look on (my) face.” Umm, ok? Guess she was just jealous that people see her and want to run in the other direction. ANYWAY…once, I was walking around the mall and I realized that I had a slight smile on my face. I thought to myself “What the hell am I smiling about anyway?” There wasn’t anything in particular that I was happy about (although shopping TOTALLY makes me way happier than normal people), and I realized that it’s better to walk around with a slight smile on your face instead of a constantly pissed-off, constipated, unhappy look like some other people I know (like the person who said I walk around with a dumbass look on my face).

Anyway, today, I went to the Walmeezy for my fill of pure ghetto-ness ’cause it has definitely been a while, and on my way out, the little old lady at the exit zeroed in on me with her “that-girl-looks-like-she-wants-to-hear-me-babble-out-of-my-ass” radar, and I’m not kidding you, I wasn’t even near enough to the exit to LOOK like I was exiting (although I was), when she waved me over and said “And how are YOUUUUUU today?”  As I approached her, I noticed that she had a hole in her shirt near her armpit, which seemed like it extended all the way through to the back.  Her pants were a little dirty, too, and she kinda smelled like poopy.  If it weren’t for her famous blue Walmeezy vest, I honestly would have thought that she may have been a beggar or someone looking for spare change.  Anyway, here is how our conversation went:

Blue Vest: “And how are YOUUUUU today?”

Me: “Oh, I’m doing great, how are you?” as I am inching my way out the door

Blue Vest: “Oh I am doing fantastic. And you look like you’re doing fantastic!  Are you doing good?  You know, sometimes you can have a great day, and when you DO have a great day, you should just enjoy it!  And if you’re having a bad day, sometimes it’s just the people around you who are trying to ruin your day but you shouldn’t let that happen!  That happens to me, even here, but I don’t let it get to me.  I used to let it get to me but you can’t do that, remember I said that?  It’s just crazy, CRAZY!”

Me: “Oh, yeah…I totally know wha….” Blue Vest cuts me off.  I continue to count the number of people who have sneaked past me and made their exit.  Seven….eight….twelve.  Dear God, please have someone call her over the store intercom for any reason, ANY reason at all.

Blue Vest: “Right!  Just last week, I was feeling so sick, sicker than a dog and a I couldn’t even get out of bed, but I had to work because I need the money.  Who doesn’t need money these days, right?  Well, I figured I can make it a good day or a bad day, it’s really my choice, so I decided to make it a good day.  Then I realized that I probably got sick because of all the people around me who don’t wash their hands, who sneeze without covering their mouths, who cough all over me – it’s terrible!  I’m feeling better though, and now I’m back to having good days because I want to have good days.”

Me: Oh, good thing you’re feeling better!”  How can she blame others for getting her sick when she clearly doesn’t wipe her ass well enough?  And OMG, the more she talks, the more I know that I’m totally catching the HERP and/or the CLAP that is probably seeping out of her pores.  Dammit, I have to pee.  Now I’m picturing her peeing, and not wiping.  Oh dear God, pleeeease send someone over to ram my hip with their cart so that I can leave this valley of the shadow of death…

Blue Vest: “Yeah, I am feeling better!  It’s important to take care of yourself, especially when y–”

And then it happened.  Another Walmeezy employee got her attention to ask her about who knows what and I made a dash for it.  I was freeeeee!!


Not before the Blue Vest yelled out “Have a great day, and thanks for shopping at Walmeezy!”

: Shudder :

The moral of this story is four-fold:

1. Do not shop at Walmeezy, unless you feel like subjecting yourself to the underbelly of the underbelly of society

2. Wipe your ass so you don’t smell like poopy.

3.  Yes, you CAN catch Chlamydia just by talking to someone.

4.  Never NEVER leave your house for anything.  Ever.   Especially if it involves talking to old people.  Don’t do it.

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Oh, dear interwebs, you make me laugh so much!

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Here’s a few videos that I’ve seen recently that make me laugh ’cause of how awesome they are.  I know you all could use a good laugh too

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I can’t wait to move to my new home in Florida!  Here’s Ellen Degeneres, my fave celeb, giving a tour to two lucky kids.  They better wipe their feet before they step into Hogwarts my castle!

You can check out pictures of the whole place by going here.

My nerd quota has officially been filled for the next 5 years.

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Dear Boredom…here you go…

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A MeMe just for couple’s!

What are your middle names?
Mine is Therese, and he doesn’t have one

How long have you been together?
married for 3, together for 5

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
2 years, I believe?  We were both suffering…I mean, with…I mean, suffering with other people at the time, but it was all worth it in the end for us to end up being together!

Who asked whom out?
Actually, neither one of us.  He just said that my car totally needed an oil change, and me being a total girl who never checked on that stuff realized he was right.  So, he went with me to get an oil change and then we went out for Thai food afterward.  Then, we hung out on the Huntington Beach pier and that was when I realized that this boy was giving me butterflies in my stomach!  So, it wasn’t an official date or even an official “Will you go out with me”, it was…well, it was just perfect and it was the way it was supposed to be :)

How old are each of you?
I’m 30, he’s 32

Whose siblings do you see the most?
Definitely his.  We try to see my sister when we can, but it’s not often enough since she’s busy with her family and we’re busy doing our thing.

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
We’re past all the petty bullshit, so nothing like that.  I guess I would have to say that I honestly can’t think of one at the moment!  Honestly!

Did you go to the same school?
No, thank goodness!  He was a jock and I was a bando, so there’s no way in hell he would’ve even looked in my direction. LMAO!

Are you from the same home town?
Big negative on that one.  He came from the other side of the world in the Philippines and moved here at 14, and I was raised in the OC all my life

Who is smarter?
I would have to say we both bring something to the table in terms of knowledge, but if we’re talking about book smart here, hubbs totally wins in that department.

Who is the most sensitive?
umm…DUH!  that would be me!

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
there’s a little local Pho’ restaurant here that we love to go to – it seems to be our go-to choice.  That or the Guppy House.  We like the chill atmosphere.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
Manhattan just this past December!

Who has the craziest exes?
We’re tied on this one – the people we were with when we first met are both looney as a toon!

Who has the worst temper?
I am sheepishly raising my hand on this one…but to my credit, it has gotten better over the years (I hope!)

Who does the cooking?
The better question would be “who cooks better?”.  That would be hubbs.

Who is the neat-freak?
Sometimes we both get a wild hair up our ass when we realize that the “lived-in” look we’re trying to achieve in our house is starting to get annoying.  However, we’re both okay with a little dishevelment here and there.  That’s not to say we’re living in a pig-sty, but it’s definitely…uh…comfortable?? LOL

Who is more stubborn?
We both have our moments, but again I’m gonna have to admit that I am more stubborn.  Should I even post this shit?  I’m not coming out very good in it.

Who hogs the bed?
OUR DOGS!  But we have a cal-king sleigh bed, so really, there’s room for all 4 of us and it’s very cozy :)

Who wakes up earlier?
me – not just ’cause I go to bed earlier and have to leave for work first.  it’s ’cause he is a night owl and i’m not anymore

Where was your first date?
EZ-Lube?  See my answer above

Who is more jealous?
We both can get jealous at times, I’m just wayyyyyyyyyy way way more vocal about it.

How long did it take to get serious?
at least 2 or 3 months.  we were both out of our shitty relationships and just kinda leaning on one another for support…and then things just fell into place!

Who eats more?
I’d say the hubbs does.  I tend to eat super duper fast, which makes me get full fast.  But if I’m being really honest with myself, we can both put it away pretty good LOL

Who does the laundry?
that would be me, because I am so anal retentive about the amount of detergent and softener to use.  It has to be liquid detergent and it has to have a few drops of softener mixed in with it, and on top of that there needs to be a cap and a half to two full caps of softener added to the load.  I know, I’m a freak.  Blame my mom and her bad ass skills at making laundry smell so fantastic…it’s the same method she uses!

Who’s better with the computer?
hubbs all the way

Who drives when you are together?
if we want to get there on time and in a safe manner, then he does.  if we are running late and we want to get there on time and you don’t mind shutting your eyes and holding onto the “oh shit” handles, then i do.

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The other day, I went to a laboratory to get some blood drawn for my annual check up.  As I was coming out of the bathroom, a creepy old man was standing out there, waiting in line.  He smiled at me and said “Next!” and I said “Yup, it’s all yours!”  As I passed him, he says to me in a breathy, old man voice “Would you mind pulling this down for me?”  I froze up and didn’t even wanna LOOK at him, so I kept walking.  He goes “No? Ok then.” and went into the bathroom.

EWWW.  I don’t even wanna know what he was asking me to pull.  I mean, even if it was just the zipper on his jacket, I wouldn’t wanna touch him.  Sick!

Creepy old men are so disgusting.

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So, I turn 30 tomorrow.

APRIL FOOL’S! (no seriously, my birthday is on April Fool’s day)

I was fine with the fact that I am turning 30 – it really doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me because I honestly feel like I am still 5 years old.  I attribute that mostly to my students.  They are at such a great age where everything in life is awesome and they’ve got like a 10 second rebound from getting their feelings hurt to being ready to play again.  I love them – they inspire me everyday!

But today….today I realized that I’m turning 30.  It feels old to me, mostly because there’s so much that I feel like I still need to do!  Most importantly, I feel like I’m getting too old to have kids – I know, lame right?  But ever since all of this bullshit, I am scared to even think about it!  Sure, I want it one day, but I feel like there is so much I need to do to get myself emotionally and physically ready for it.  I mean, there are still times when some stupid stuff happens and I think to myself “It’s a good thing I don’t have a kid, otherwise this would be really hard.”  But then I always think that if I had a kid at that time, I’d be able to look at them and think to myself that I can get through anything because I have them.  A good friend of mine who is kinda going through the same thing always reminds me that it is in God’s time and I shouldn’t rush.  I am becoming more and more determined to prove my doctors wrong and I know that one day I will have a child with my husband, who is my rock and my best friend.  I want to give him a kid so that we can both see a little piece of him walking around one day.  I know it’ll happen, and although I get down about it, I’m determined that it will happen one day :)

Aside from that, I realized that I want to travel so much more.  I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to go ANYWHERE in Europe, but I want to go back to Cancun, visit family in Hawaii and the Philippines, and basically I just want to do that all with the hubbs.  However, I’ve developed this totally irrational fear of flying.  I know, I shouldn’t even have an irrational fear of flying because I’ve always been on flights that have been so totally uneventful that I am bored to the point of tears.  What I am afraid of is….ready for it….being stuck inside a vessel where I am smelling people’s bodily gases.  That’s right, I’m terrified of smelling people’s farts while being a million feet up in the air!  Do you know how totally gross that is?  I would totally travel with a mask on, but I don’t want people to shun me and think I have SARS (but then again, maybe that would work).  On our way back from New York this past December, I sat with my husband to the left of me and some stinky ass mofo who took off his damn shoes.  What the fuck, right?!?!?  Hubby talked me out of jumping from the plane, but when that fool decided to put his foot up on his knee I almost stabbed him with my spork.  I started thinking of his smelly sock (actually, I couldn’t smell anything at all, but I was imagining what the smell would be like if I could), and then I thought of his sweaty shoe making his sock sweaty, and then I thought about how much worse his foot would be because it is covered by a sweaty sock, and then I thought about stabbing him again with my spork.  I couldn’t believe he was being so rude!  And then…AND THEN!!!  His freakin’ TOE touched my leg!  I just about died.  I made it a point to shift quite noticeably so that he’d realize what a douche he was being, but did he get the hint?  NO.  15 minutes later, he put his shoe back on and I was like “Finally!”, but the only reason he put it back on was to get up to go to the bathroom.  EWWWWWW!  Is he gonna pass in front of me with his butt to me or his ugly bits?  And then I realized that I would have to get up so that he could get out, so I calmed myself down.  Still…see why I have an irrational fear of flying now?

You know what else I wanna do?  I want to own our own home.  I know it’ll happen one day, too, and I’m in no rush to have it happen now, but I’d like for it to happen someday.  I want our girls to have their own backyard so they can run and shit to their heart’s content.  I want to be able to water our lawn with a hose (there’s something so tranquil about doing that).  I want to hire a gardener to plant pretty flowers for our garden – I’d do it myself, but last time I checked to see if I had a green thumb, it was more like a yellow with orange stripes that is quite good at killing plants and flowers, so no thanks.  I want to paint my kitchen the color of a granny smith apple, and I want to paint our living room gray and have huge couches like Amanda Woodward (a.k.a. Heather Locklear) did in Melrose Place (the show from the 90’s, not the super lame imposter they remade last year).  But you know what?  I have all these grand ideas, and yet I realize that I am not responsible enough to own our own home.  This last townhome we moved into last April still looks like we JUST moved in.  I mean, it’s not that bad, but I didn’t bother decorating it or anything because I just wasn’t in the mood to do it.  And now, we’re gonna be moving again this summer, so I figure what’s the point?  When we have our own place, though, I will make sure I give it more of a homey feel (you know, Snoop Dogg posters on the wall, marijuana plants growing in the closet, that sort of thing – JK :)).

Lastly…and this is a completely silly one…but I want to learn how to roller skate.  HAHA!  You weren’t expecting that one, right?  But it’s true, I never knew how to rollerskate.  I can rollerBLADE, but that’s not the same thing.  When I was in elementary school, I was pretty smart (a smart asian, how uncommon), so every month I won a certificate for having good grades, and it was ALWAYS either a certificate to either get a free small frozen yogurt from Heidi’s or a free skating session to Holiday Skate Center.  I went rollerskating a few times, but I hated the feeling of almost falling, so I never let go of  the bar around the rink.  I always felt super lame about it, especially when I would see my friends zoom by.  When I was in 5th grade, I went rollerblading and a twig got jammed in my wheels, I fell forward, and broke my left wrist (if you ever see me, ask me to show you how my left thumb is about 1/8 inch shorter than my right – it stopped growing when it was broken!).  I vowed then and there to never get on rollerblades ever again!  Like I said, I hate that feeling of almost falling, which is why I hate walking in the rain or on electrical grates or uneven pavement – I get so unsure of my footing.  And yet, I still want to know how to rollerskate.

I don’t know why I am thinking that turning 30 automatically means that I won’t be able to do any of these things, but I certainly feel like I’m running out of time for some of them.  People tell me “Oh you’re still so young!” and I guess they’re right, and I’ve heard that apparently when I’m 40 I’ll be wishing I was 30 again, so I guess I’ll just enjoy everything I have already accomplished in my life so far, and thank God for another awesome year in my awesome life :)

Miranda in Miranda’s sight is old gray and dirty; Twenty-nine she was last night, this morning she is thirty. – Ogden Nash

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I am so pissed I could hit a puppy.

Alright, no, I could never be that pissed, and people who can need some serious help.

…aww, now I’m all sad thinking about people hitting puppies.

Okay, okay, I”m gonna be kinda vague here and just spout off about something that is totally irritating me right now and if I use a swear word or two…well, who cares?  No one is reading this, right?  And if you are, and you know me, then you know that I can swear like a mothereffing sailor, but the good thing is that I am suuuuuuuuuuper good at not dropping an f-bomb or anything like that around anyone who it would offend (like, at work). Anyway, ready for it?


No, seriously, fuck ’em.  Well, maybe not all of them.  I’ve had some great doctors in the past who have helped me out tremendously and I think they should be paid double what they already make because of how great they are.  I guess I’m talking about the doctor I just saw today. You know why she sucks?  BECAUSE SHE IS SO MATTER OF FACT.  Now, maybe that works for some people, but it doesn’t work for me.  I was once told that I had “White Coat Syndrome”.  I had visions of myself dying an ugly premature death, laying in a bed covered with purple splotches all over myself, including my half bald scalp and stub of an arm because surely, White Coat Syndrome makes amputation necessary.  But no, the nurse told me that White Coat Syndrome is when I get nervous about seeing the doctor and my blood pressure shoots up unusually high.  This always happens to me.  They give me a few minutes to calm down and take deep breaths, and then they take my blood pressure again and it’s normal.  I wish it could be normal the first time, but this is me we’re talking about here – nothing I do can ever be easy, as much as I would love for it to be.

So anyway, I am always nervous to see this doctor – or any doctor for that matter.  I know I’m not alone here – lots of people avoid going to the doctor because they don’t wanna hear bad news (I should know, I probably started the club on that one).  I didn’t get bad news (not very bad, anyway) and I didn’t get good news, either.  What I did get, however, was a big pile of crap.  This doctor told me something that I didn’t wanna hear, and it’s not that I don’t agree with what she said.  What I’m pissed about is how she said it – like, she could have said “Angela, I know that this is something that you are concerned about and I want you to know that I am here to discuss all your questions and options with you.  Why don’t you start and tell me what you’d like to talk about?”  That would’ve been an ideal response.  But what I got sounded more like “Angela, all those years of being so fucking awesome have resulted in you having cancer.  Please be sure to stop by at the front desk on your way out.” and then PEEEACE, she’s out the door.

Have you ever seen those commercials for “Cancer Treatment Centers of America”?  There’s a lady on there who is crying, saying her doctor walked in and said “Laura, you have cancer” and then walked out and didn’t even talk to her at all.  When I heard that, I was like “Whatever, doctors couldn’t be that cold hearted, right?”  WRONG!

I wonder if doctors take a course titled “Common Sense 101: How to talk to your patients without sounding like a douchebag who really could care less about what they’re going through as long as you get paid.”  If they don’t, they totally should.  Well, my doctor should, anyway.

FUCKIN’ A! dkajf;dlka;oife;adlhf;adl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. sorry for all the swearing, but I warned you right?

p.s.s. i encourage you all to use the word “fuck” on a daily basis; it’s therapeutic, really.

p.s.s.s. no I don’t have cancer, and I apologize if the context in which I used it offends anyone – it was not my intention 😀

p.s.s.s.s. my doctor BLOWS

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I don’t EVEN wanna know…

Posted by admin on Friday Mar 26, 2010 Under Uncategorized

…how long it has been since I last posted.  SHEEEEESH!

There was a point in time where I blogged every.single.flippin.DAY.  And then it was a few times each week.  That progressed into a few times each month.  That turned into once or twice every few months.  And then everything sort of went into sleep mode and I got scared about my blogs being taken out of context, so I just stopped writing.

I missed my blog, though.  A lot.  (and just to make you realize how long it has been since I’ve posted, it took me damn near ten minutes to remember how to log in here.   And then it took me an additional 5 minutes to remember my username and password.  And then?  I wasn’t even logging into the right area to edit my blog because I forgot that this has been redirected to my hubby’s server so that I could have customized backgrounds.  Blah blah blah…basically, I am a LAME-O)

In my head I always had some witty story or something profound that I wanted to share, but I never got around to it.  I actually started to get too lazy to update, too!  Mostly because I am anal retentive and my (limited) background knowledge of HTML caused me to feel that I couldn’t update a post without using pictures and making sure it was aligned and all sorts of B.S. like that.  But again, a lot of it has to do with my line of work.  It’s hard trying not be found these days, but it’s not like I have anything to hide, so who cares if I’m found, right?  I don’t believe you should live your life one way in public, and then another way in private, and when I blog, I say what I want to say without holding back.  And yet?  That’s the kind of stuff that can get me fired.  Why?  I have no idea.  Well, strike that – I do.  My line of work is in a civil service to the public which requires me to be a certain way, and while lots of people don’t agree that their outside life and actions can affect their workplace, I actually do care and know that what I do in public affects my job.

Despite all that, I think it’s about time that I pick up again on this blog of mine.  I’m not going to un-password protect my previous posts, but I don’t want to delete them either.  I obviously wrote about stuff that at one time was important enough to me to jot down, so they will stay there, but still sealed for only my eyes :)

I doubt anyone reads this anymore, and I’m actually okay with that.  It was never about getting the most readers or comments, it was always about expressing myself through my writing, which is something I’ve always enjoyed doing.  Let’s just hope I can keep up with it like I did when I first started blogging!

And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise.  The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.  -Sylvia Plath

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